It’s A Hap-Hap-Happy Day.

A very happy International Day of Happiness to you.

Each year since 2013, our fine friends at Action for Happiness have orchestrated this special day, always held on March 20th.

For the first time in its brief history, March 20th is a Monday, but I’m sure the campaign will take defeating that “Monday morning feeling” in its stride.

After all, it’s a day mandated by an official United Nations resolution, no less.

Here’s the day’s official website.

Mark Williamson is Director of Action for Happiness, and a very nice man. Here’s what he says: “The International Day of Happiness is more than just a fun celebration, it also reminds us all that the world is a better place when we connect with, and care about, the people around us.”

Of course, there will be all sorts of organised events today around the world, marking the Day of Happiness, but I’d urge you to stage your own “guerilla” actions. Operate under the radar. Ruthlessly steal the idea. Become an undercover happiness agent.

Your mission? To act as Mark suggests above.

Connect like crazy today, and care like there’s no tomorrow. Deliberately make contact with more people today than you might usually do.

And you know what? I think if we all do this, the world might just get a little happier.

Best of all, when you connect, when you show you care – guess what? – it’s not just the person you connect with, YOU become happier, too.

I’m sure the United Nations won’t mind if you “borrow” a bit of their happiness.

I won’t tell them if you don’t.

Finally, here’s my unofficial suggestion for a theme tune.

You really can’t beat Arthur Askey.

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