The pleasure of anticipation, and Happy Thanksgiving.

As a kid, there’s always something to look forward to.

Christmas, your birthday, the weekend, summer, winter, spring, autumn.

A new bike.

Thanksgiving, if you’re in the USA – and whether you are or aren’t, Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow.

Generally a kid’s life is one big slice of anticipation, tinged with the frustration that nothing ever happens as quickly as you want it to.


But as the years pass by, it can sometimes seem that there’s less to look forward to.

Life may feel humdrum, with a distinct absence of carrots dangling from the end of the stick.

However perhaps there’s a little, not unreasonable, trick that you can play on yourself.

Often we gain even more pleasure anticipating something than we do actually experiencing it.

So if it feels as though there are no big things to look forward to, actively anticipate the smaller.

When you’re working, imagine how good it will feel when you down tools at the end of the day.

Going to speak to a friend in a few days’ time?

Visualise how warming this will be.

Reading a good book at the moment?

Start to anticipate the feeling of getting stuck back into it before you do.

Even when you’re not a kid, there’s generally always something to look forward to.

Sometimes, though, you have to seek it out.

One thought on “The pleasure of anticipation, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Just as a young boy as you mentioned, I continue to look forward to things in the future. Almost immediately after an event or celebration, I’m looking towards the next one.
    Plan holidays, visits to another town, visiting old friends or an outing that you may not have been on for a while.
    Every weekend, I’m looking towards the next one, sometimes just for the chance to do what I want to do, like have a quiet day at home or go on an exciting outing with someone special.
    Keep moving forward and don’t dwell on life being uneventful, it’s up to you to make your life exciting!
    Do it now! Dream, then make it happen as often as possible!

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