3 resolutions for a healthier, happier tomorrow

It’s easier to be happier when you’re healthy. Eat good food, get proper exercise, and take steps to sleep better tonight.

California’s ancient redwood trees are monumental, majestic and magnificent, and a while ago Alex and I were fortunate enough to spend two nights among them at a fantastic campground called Little Basin.

We slept in a tent, cooked over an open fire, hiked for a whole day, and generally unwound in the calm and beautiful natural environment, marvelling at moments such as the family of four deer who tramped calmly by us at dusk as they presumably headed for their own beds.

We ate delicious, healthy food, took much more exercise than I, at least, would normally get, and both slept amazingly well. The combined effect of this beauty and calmness? Not surprisingly it put us both in a really positive state of mind.

Of course, other commitments (“life”) make it just about impossible to live like this all the time, but our brief experience was a timely demonstration of the important role that good physical health plays in overall well-being.

It’s not easy to keep your spirits up when you’re feeling sick or unhealthy. But while some health matters are likely to be beyond your control, you and I almost certainly have a considerable say in whether or not we lead a healthy life.

Unfortunately I’m not camping today, and perhaps neither are you. But here are three simple suggestions to help keep us both on track:

1. Let’s agree to eat well and healthily. I’ll resist the temptation to snack on the wrong kinds of food, and will relish a tasty, nutritious meal instead. How about you?

2. How about getting a little more exercise than normal? Walk, do some gardening, take the stairs rather than the elevator.

3. Maybe we can both give proper focus to getting a better sleep tonight, perhaps making bedtime a little earlier than usual and starting to wind down an hour before that?

It’s sometimes hard to believe we have much control over our mood. But we can nearly always make active choices about our health, and as the latter has a big impact on the former, let’s be healthy.

And happier.

4 thoughts on “3 resolutions for a healthier, happier tomorrow

  1. What a lovely positive post, I could just imagine you camping. I know how good I have felt after a whole day out of doors.

  2. I really enjoyed today’s post, I imagined myself right there with you!
    We take nature and our surrounding s for granted all too often and forget just how beautiful trees, woods, rivers, forests , even our local parks can be. So come rain, hail or shine, we should all spend some time to enjoy what nature gives us , for free too!!

  3. A very inspiring post – have just read it after having spent most of today north Norfolk beaches at Brancaster and Wells -next-the – Sea…wonder if you went to either of them when you lived in Peterborough, Jon.
    Being the last day of summer we are really pleased the weather has been gorgeous all day, and our liddle dog enjoyed himself too!
    Sadly, we’ve had bacon butties or sausage rolls and ice cream…so not exactly healthy living!!!

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