Happy Friday, and a heartfelt message from me to you.

It could feel as though Moodnudges has gone a bit survey-ish over the past week or so.

Perhaps, therefore, it’s a good idea for us all to get back to basics today – to return to what I think (?) you probably expect from Moodnudges, which is the sense that someone gets you, understands what you’re going through from time to time, and is definitely, unequivocally, on the same side as you.

Life can be good, of course, but that doesn’t stop it being really tough at times.

Really tough.

You’ve shown huge courage and tenacity to come all this way, and I’m fully confident that you have it in you to continue showing that strength and determination.

Yup, even on those days when everything feels as though it’s turned to custard.

I also want you to know how much I appreciate your attention and willingness to participate.

The number of people who took part in the past few waves of research was both heartening and also slightly stunning.

And I also hope you realise just grateful I am that you’re reading this, and other, messages you receive from me.

I don’t in any way take this for granted.

My own in-box can feel totally overwhelming at times, so I know full well how tempting it can be to click on the unsubscribe link at the foot of messages you no longer wish to receive.

While it’s always sad to lose readers, our unsubscribe rate is actually terribly low.

Among nice feedback from so many people, Helen N. told me a couple of weeks ago that Moodnudges is “definitely a keeper,” which made me feel warm, and a bit proud.

All in all, therefore, thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of your life four times a week.

Thank you for looking after yourself, and (I’m pretty sure) spreading a little of what I hope is Moodnudges’ feel-good spirit to other people you come into contact with.

Thank you, too, for everything *you* do for others – who may not always be as good as they might be at expressing their own appreciation (which may not be their fault: not everyone knows how to do this).

Thank you. Let’s keep going, shall we?

11 thoughts on “Happy Friday, and a heartfelt message from me to you.

  1. Thanks Jon for all the time you put into trying to help people with depression. I am grateful that there are people like you in the world who show concern.

  2. A huge YES to what Tim says, above.
    And as for unsubscribing to Moodnudges? Never. Surveys? Bring ’em on, they make me feel engaged and they’re always relevant. If they’re doing some good as well, that’s a bonus.
    Happy Friday, Jon x

  3. You’re a bright star in a tarnished world , Jon.
    What with our own personal battles, and what’s going on worldwide, you act as a reminder that there is sanity after all, alive and kicking in the wise words and person of writer Jon Cousins .
    Very many heartfelt thanks, Jon. It’s payback time from us to you.
    So ask away. It’s small fry..

  4. Thank YOU Jon, your words are always a pleasure to read, you have such a gift which your generous enough to share with us. I really appreciate what you do. Best wishes J.

  5. Yes, moodnudges is definitely a keeper. Every day I find myself checking to see if you are there, and most days you are the first email I read. Please keep on inspiring and helping others.

  6. You are and have been total inspiration for so many of us – so as others have said…thank YOU, Jon – keep on doing what you can for as long as you can.
    But, remember to keep looking after yourself as well as us!

  7. Moodnudges are a fundamental part of my week … and never forget that there is the ripple effect of what you are doing. I am do not suffer from depression, but moodnudges has had a real & meaningful impact on my life – helping take a more positive & kind approach in everything I do, every day. That in turn has impacted (positively – I hope !) the people around me.
    THANK YOU so much for your continued commitment & inspiration.

  8. Hi Jon
    Moodnudges is a must for me, my first go to when I wake. Your inspiring and thought provoking posts can set me up for the day and I would really miss them if they weren’t there.

    So a big thank you from me 👏 👍 🙂

  9. I know that you don’t do this for praise, but I have to say in the two or three years since I started receiving your messages of hope and motivation, that I consider my life to be a much happier place, than before.
    It is so nice to have a friendly email three times a week to remind you that “you’ are not alone, and things will get better especially on those darker days.

    Keep up the great work, your words mean such a lot, and keep us all going.
    Maybe these words will do the same for you, when things might not be going so well.
    Thanks for everything Jon!

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