Help someone else and help yourself to a better mood

You and I have an opportunity to build a better world, and the most exciting thing of all is that we can do it today.

I’m not talking about a revolution. I’m not advocating immediate world reorganisation.

And you’ll probably be pleased to hear this. I imagine you’ve rather a lot of other things to do in the next 24 hours in addition to saving the world.


Fortunately the change I’m suggesting is easy to bring about, and can be easily fitted in between picking up the dry-cleaning and taking back your library book.

So what’s it all about? My suggestion, quite simply, is that you and I do something for someone today.

Don’t just offer help, but actually give it.

Hold a door open. Bake someone a cake. Pick up the litter in their front garden. Put a card through their door out of the blue.

Make someone a cup of coffee. Make them laugh. Make them think.

Walk their dog. Buy him a bone. Pass on a magazine or book (to them, not the dog obviously).

In a nutshell, your mission today is to actually do something which will benefit someone else.

Experience suggests that both you and the recipient will benefit when you do so.

And because you’ll be pulling this off (I hope) along with thousands of others who’ll read this same message today, our collective actions could indeed build a better world.

We won’t solve all its problems. But it’s a start, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Help someone else and help yourself to a better mood

  1. Well..I read it, thought for a bit & decided to spend some vouchers I had been sent in error by Waitrose following a complaint that one of their suppliers (so not Waitrose own products) putting out underweight goods. With Waitrose agreement, rather than return them I spent them on a range of nutritious foods to put in the Food Bank box. As I went around it made me think of how clever my mother had been in making cheap ingredients tasty & nutritious and food stretch. So I thought of some more ingredients and decided to match the voucher value with a similar personal contribution

    Then I started thinking about helping at the food bank maybe creating really clear one pot recipe notes so that the beans, nuts, seeds, quinoa, tinned tomatoes, fruit, rice, oats, muesli, cocunut milk,tinned fish etc could be used well…

    Then I started thinking about whether they could not start a campaign to ask every working shopper to buy at least item from a specified list for the Food Bank collection box.

    Then I asked to speak to a Manager and we had a great discussion about the possibilities and she’s agreed to take it up with head office.
    So…I thought you might enjoy reading, Jon, how your morning Moodnudge, nudged me into doing something constructive…and that, in turn nudged someone else to do something constructive. Thanks.

  2. Recently I did something a little different and out of the ordinary. I wrote a short book on Wattpad called “Goodnight Mr Elephant”. It was my way of letting people know that we all have problems and elephants we carry around with us but you can choose to laugh or cry. Most of all It was also to pay tribute to great friends and family and just thank them for being there.

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