Why you should help someone today. Clue: It’ll help you too.

If your physical health is low, it can be difficult to complete even trivial tasks with which you’d ordinarily have no trouble. When you’re poorly, it’s great to have someone around to lend a hand.

Paradoxically, though, if your lowness is more due to emotional rather than physical problems, not only is it good (even though hard) to get on with your usual daily routines – certainly to some extent at least, it’s actually also useful to take on the job of helping others too. We’re wired to find this rewarding.

So who can you do something for today? And what will you do?

3 thoughts on “Why you should help someone today. Clue: It’ll help you too.

  1. There are so many ways to be ‘intelligent’ – and thus to take intelligent action. I am a great fan of “physical intelligence” – that aspect of our Multiple-Intelligence that gets up moving. Motion and Emotion see inextricably linked together. So, Yes! Do something for someone else today, but also DO something physical for them if you can.

    I was working on some art this morning around a quote from C.S.Lewis that touched me: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” When I get my focus on others, I forget myself for just a little while in that moment of truth.

  2. Just got back from walking my dog and also my friend’s dog. Was pleased to have helped her out again. So I thought to myself a jolly good deed done.
    But whilst out in the walk, I met a lady on her bicycle, who I have met before. A couple of weeks ago she had stopped and wanted to chat. Her favourite kitty had gone missing a couple of months ago and she is desperately sad not knowing what has happened to the cat. At the end of our conversation, she thanked me so much for listening and giving her advice – ha, me? It seems I am able to help others and am not as closed-in as I thought!
    Today she was still desperately sad, and said she needs to meet up with people, so have suggested a local knit and natter group – and she’s going to try it….today! She touched my arm and said ‘thank you again for all you help’.
    She felt happier. I feel happier!

    1. that’s great, it’s good to do (-_-) I helped someone reach the Alpro that was on the top shelf in the supermarket and we had a laugh. I am also trying to help my recently bereaved mother in law reach out to make new friends.

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