What’s your surprising hidden talent?

Think of someone you know well, and it probably won’t be hard to identify a particular talent with which you associate them.

Back in the UK, David the psychologist explains complicated subjects brilliantly by turning his teaching into funny stories.

My friend Jane cooks up a mean Sunday roast, seemingly effortlessly.

My brother Geoff balances objects on his chin, even hefty items like bar-stools.


Some, like David, get paid for their abilities.

Others such as Jane or Geoff demonstrate their skills to bring people together (for a roast beef dinner) or to entertain (no need to go to the circus when my brother hits town).

Fortunately, both Jane and Geoff have other great skills for which they are paid.

Very often, of course, it’s easier to see things in others than it is to recognise them in ourselves.

So stop to think for a minute.

What is it that you’re good at?

What skills do you have that your friends may admire?

It’s not always easy to identify them, so it might be interesting to ask others.

But once you’ve established what they are, the next question is how often you get a chance to put them into practice?

Maybe not as often as you could.

It generally feels great to do something you’re good at.

It can help you de-stress.

It boosts your self-esteem.

It helps remind you that you’re an individual, rather than someone who simply fills a role.

So what are you great at?

And when are we going to see it?

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