How to get WellBee

What’s WellBee and what does it do?

Have you ever stopped to think what someone’s really inquiring about when they ask you how you are? Are they interested in your mood? Partly.

The hexagonal WellBee cards and their hexagonal home

But we think it goes further and deeper. For example we believe they’re also asking about your physical health (are you feeling well?) and we’re also pretty sure they’re looking for some kind of overall feel for how you’re doing ‘in general’, which to us is often related to how connected you feel to your closest circle of family and friends.

In short, we think that when we want to know how someone else is feeling, we’re actually asking them to rate what psychologists would call ‘subjective wellbeing’, which we’re happy to shorten to wellbeing.

Why did we this project? Well we were interested in measuring and tracking our own wellbeing, and we were also keen to explore what would happen when we both did it every day and then shared our progress with one another.

Now, although there are other existing ways of measuring wellbeing, none does what we were looking for – a tool you can carry in your pocket that enables you to carry out a daily rating of three aspects of your life:

  • Emotional health
  • Physical health
  • ‘Social’ health (connectedness to others)

Finding nothing suitable, we decided to develop a tool of our own which we’ve called WellBee.

At WellBee’s heart is a set of twelve specially designed hexagonal playing cards, a neat little graph on which to track your scores, and a scoring sheet – all packed in an attractive hexagonal steel tin.

Why have we called it WellBee? Since each of the twelve cards allows you to pick one of six answers, we started by designing hexagon-shaped cards, then realised how great these looked when packed in a hexagonal tin.

When we began playing with the cards, their hexagon shape reminded us of the cells of a honeycomb. We also loved the idea that bees are a collaborative species, working together for the good of the hive. Since we’re pretty sure that a big part of the cards’ power comes from giving us – just like the inhabitants of a hive – the power to collaborate on managing our wellbeing, what better name to give them which combines the words Wellbeing and Bees?

And that’s how WellBee came to be.

A big part of our mission was to create a tool that felt good in its own right. We didn’t want our heart to sink every time we sat down to rate our wellbeing, so were determined to build something that looked and felt great.

WellBee has already been working really well for us, so now we’d like to invite a small number of people to acquire their own set of WellBee cards. This is where you can become a very early-stage owner.

Rate yourself on twelve dimensions in about four minutes

Why do you need WellBee?

Who doesn’t want to feel good? And who, at times, wouldn’t like to feel better? We think that just about everybody would rate their wellbeing as being pretty important to their overall quality of life.

In fact it’s not just individuals who might see wellbeing as important. Around the world, governments are beginning to gather data on the population’s overall wellbeing. Some are even using it to guide policy.

The British government, for instance, now regularly asks a large sample of people to rate their wellbeing, and the most important member of the UK civil service has said: ‘If you treasure it, measure it’.

While we think it’s great that wellbeing is becoming a recognized way of judging how people are doing, we’re not sure about the many existing measures that are out there. Some seem a lttle over-simplistic to us. For instance one government just asks ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?’. Other measures focus solely on emotional health, which we think doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

There’s a huge amount of debate about exactly which aspects of an individual’s daily life should be measured in order to rate their wellbeing, but to us it seemed sensible to focus on those three overall areas – emotional health, physical health, and connectedness (or social health), so that’s what we did.

And that’s what WellBee checks for you every day.

When will you use WellBee?

We suggest you head for the cards first thing every morning, before coffee, tea, or a shower. Definitely before email.

From experience, we know that wellbeing can ebb and flow during the day. Perhaps you’ll get tired, making you feel temporarily less healthy. Maybe you’ll have a disagreement with someone, lowering your mood for a little while. Or you could find yourself all alone at the bus-stop and feeling a bit less connected than you’d ideally like.

To us, it seemed most helpful to have a baseline rating which we could compare day-to-day, and from this point of view it seemed sensible to capture it (a) at the same time each day, and (b) before other factors have a chance to kick in, either raising or lowering the way we feel.

It takes us about four minutes to rate ourselves, and it’s quickly become a must-do the minute we get up. It’s actually quite good fun, too.

We suggest that you keep your WellBee cards in a place where you’ll see them and remember to use them. This way you’ll also be able to share your progress with others – nothing more complicated than showing them your graph.

You’ll even find our hexagonal WellBee tins beside us while we work, sometimes. Simply having the cards within eyesight can feel comforting and reassuring.

wellbee tins small

Why should you get your WellBee cards right now?

The WellBee cards are a very new idea. But we’re so excited about how useful people are already finding them that we can’t wait to get them into the hands of a few more owners who will be in the loop at its very earliest stage. In a year’s time we’re sure WellBee is going to be MUCH better known, but you’ll be able to say ‘I was there first’.

We’re also pretty certain that WellBee will evolve into an app over time, so it’s important to us that we gather feedback from early adopters (as we hope you will be) which will play a crucial part in shaping a tool that we want to make a big contribution to raising global levels of wellbeing.

Unfortunately we can only make a strictly limited number of sets of WellBee cards available, so please act quickly if you’re interested in becoming one of just a few in the world who’ll have their own hand-crafted set.

How to order your WellBee cards

We’re taking orders for cards right now and ordering couldn’t be easier. Here’s what they cost:

  • One set of hand-finished WellBee cards – $19.95
  • Shipping – $10.00

Your cards will literally be made to order in our garage, so please allow 28 days for us to get them into your hands. Allow it, but of course we’ll do what we can to beat this deadline. We’re keen to get your cards to you as quickly as possible.

How do you get them? Simply click the button below and either pay using your PayPal account, or by credit card. The entry on your PayPal account or credit card statement will say ‘Zoodora, Inc.’, which is the company we set up to run Moodnudges, WellBee, and anything else we dream up to help uplift people’s lives.

WellBee is already making a big contribution to the overall wellbeing of the lives of our small pilot group. We’d love you to find it equally beneficial.

Why not order your own set right now?