I asked, you said.


On Friday I said I hoped to start an important conversation.

It looks like I did.

I think it’s important to take stock of things every now and then, which is why I asked for feedback from Moodnudges readers.

And what a lot of helpful, reflective, supportive, warm, incisive, and generous feedback I got.

At the time of writing, well over eighty people have taken the time to comment.


Thanks to everyone for their incredibly meaningful advice.

As they’d say in my still relatively new home of California, I certainly felt the love.

So having carefully read and digested every single comment, I now have an action list of 24 items, which feels comforting.

Among them, and suggested by many, is that my writing is better when I include a mention or two of my own personal experiences, so that’s definitely something from me to take on board.

There’s also a feeling among some that the content my occasionally get a little repetitive, and I can definitely tackle this one too.

But overall I felt an overwhelming sense that readers believe that the Moodnudges are helping them, and for me this is both heartwarming and motivating.

Interestingly, one or two people in the comments questioned my wish to increase the circulation of Moodnudges. I think that’s a valid point.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a book, inspired by what I’ve learned about emotional health over the past eight years or so.

In fact a small band of Moodnudges readers have been helping me by experimenting with a short prototype version.

Right now the book (which is a new kind of 30 day workbook) is mostly written and roughly designed, but I’m just not quite sure yet about my next steps for getting it out there – whether to self–publish it, or to look for a publisher etc.


Naturally I hope that some Moodnudges readers will want a copy, so it feels important to me to build up the list, but I need to do this in a way which continues to feel right, and continues to match my personal values – which are largely about being of service to others.

I’m in the process of reaching out to a circle of people I know who I think will help guide me towards getting the book into lots of people’s hands.

Maybe into yours?

From tomorrow, however, it will be business as usual at Moodnudges.

And right now, thanks again to everyone for their fantastic insight and support.

13 thoughts on “I asked, you said.

  1. Now that’s a book I’d buy.
    You have been there for me – I’ll do the best I can to be here for you. It feels like we’re all in this together, and I rejoice with you at the way this has developed, at your move to the USA and at your life with Alex.
    Happy Sunday all!

  2. Having followed Jon since the Moodscopes can concur with the need to be nudged and if a workbook is in the works, good as well. As he went to California we left Texas for UK.
    Armed with acupuncture, cooling diet, healthy lifestyle we set out. Over whelming situation such a relocation, starting business from scratch again in our 60s, and husband signed up at local surgery/clinic for some depression sessions. After 2, finding it was so primary and not centred to needs, he asked for a bit more to be told, ‘oops not qualified so no more sessions of your 6, come back in November, sorry.’ Jon went thru the system here, he knows! Never mind, we carry on and tell the tale to emphasis the importance of group support, Jon’s work and living joyfully, which brings us back full circle, one nudge at a time. Context and content change with day, mood, observation; if all aren’t perfect to each reader well heck that’s the beautiful human-ness of a nudge. With thanks!

  3. Me too. Something as well written as your writing is, and tangible too, would be good to keep by the bedside .
    Phew! Was really worried about you yesterday John, in case you were suffering a crisis of confidence about your abilities. I hope the response was sufficient to quell any of that.
    Good luck with the book, and with life in California.

  4. Wow. Jon your motivation and abilities in helping others is staggering and I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate what you do for me and so many others. Your an inspiration, and it’s an honour to know you in this virtual world. Thank you.

  5. Ditto to what your other fans wrote. I would buy it as well and if I found it helpful/inspirational, I would recommend to friends and coworkers (perhaps a Facebook post as well) and I think that’s how the word will spread. Dream big, start small, and let it grow

  6. Ditto all above….thank goodness you had the foresight to start Moodscope in the beginning. We need to get more health professionals to look at the good that Moodscope and Moodnudges – and offer them as essential tools for their patients – and maybe the book too??!!

  7. Hi Jon. Like Sally I was worried yesterday – glad the feedback has been positive for you. I should very much like to have your book. I’ll keep on reading, as always, and when you’re ready I guess you will let us all know how. All best wishes. Pat

  8. This is definitely a book I would buy and promote, Jon! I am a psychotherapist and, over the years, have encouraged my “stuck” or depressed clients to read your work, take small action steps, and track their moods – first with Moodscope when you were there and now with WellBee and selected Moodnudge posts. Your insights gently “nudge” us all to remember the impact of choosing positive thoughts and actions on a daily basis. Thank you – and know that your work is so valued!

  9. Jon, I was a bit concerned that you were so open in asking for feedback, but i also felt sure that it would be overwhelmingly positive. A friend introduced me to Moodscope and then I followed you to Moodnudges – and i was so delighted when you re-appeared after your move to California! Occasionally I do think ‘this is one from before’ but mostly by far I see the entry in my inbox with interested antiipation and I love your humorous touches. Also agree that the personal bits are good, you make it very much a shared experience, not as if you’re handing down advice from a superior place. There’d be a big gap for me if you stopped and i’d definitely be interested in your book. Thanks again so much for all you do to give us all so many ways to lift ourselves and make life better. Warmest wishes.

  10. Jon-as with many others, found you at Moodscope and followed you to Moodnudges. Have been reading your posts and think they are right on target. I’ve been comparing them to Moodscope and find that yours are more targeted with concrete steps to take. But that figures, there are many Moodscopers and they are into their own pain. I’ve noticed that having one voice is more calming, more believable, and more insightful than the many voices at Moodscope. Even when you were there, three of you split the writing, I think.

    About the book–which I want to buy and have several friends who need gifts! Couple questions about self-publishing–it looks your idea is spiral-bound, which it should be, and you can do that with self-publishing companies? I’ve been looking into self-publishing because I have written a book about the art and architecture of my church, the national church of United Methodism, and need to figure out how to get it out there, since the topic is not one that the church administration cares about. But I hate it when people talk about themselves on these posts. And I’ve done it!

    Can I ask about the cover–why the clouds? Or are they puffs of smoke? Not important–don’t answer.

    What is a “new kind” of 30-day workbook. Watching your brain work with the people who follow you, I’m intrigued how you would put together a “new” workbook–I thought workbooks were all the same–stuff to think about with lots of lines for our own input!
    Will it be published by Zoodora? I have heard that one needs to get on Amazon for the best distribution. And, of course, I don’t know how one does that.
    Good luck–and thank you.

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