The immense journey of a lifetime is actually a series of small steps, each one manageable.

You could think of your whole life as one giant project.

But when would you reflect on the project’s hopeful success? It would be crazy to do so only on the last day of your life. For a start, who knows when that day may come?

Surely it makes more sense to consider this one overall ‘project’ as being made up of many smaller packages, and to look back much more frequently at how you’ve done.


Keeping track of how you’re doing means you’ll have the reward of seeing how your mood is holding up when things are going well.

Alternatively if you’re not having such a great time you’ll have the knowledge necessary to take action, ideally before things get overly low.

In general I think it makes sense to live your life day by day, reflecting often on how things have gone and what you can do to maintain a positive state of mind.

So what can you do today that could make you feel more positively tomorrow?

4 thoughts on “The immense journey of a lifetime is actually a series of small steps, each one manageable.

  1. Today I will do some art and craft work instead of spending the day trying to corral the externals of my life into some, probably unachievable, order.

    I know someone who for the last 15 years has said, ” When I’ve got my desk clear, I will do X, Y and Z”. Of course, the desk is never clear, and he never does any of the things he really wants to do.

    My world, the world, will never be perfectly controlled and organised, so I am wasting my time and energy focussing on that. Doing art and craft gives me pleasure and improves my mood. Thank you, Jon, I will do that today, and it will be a better day for it.

  2. I do sometimes look back and acknowledge how far I’ve come just as I sometimes dwell on how far I have to go! Today I will enjoy my beautiful surrounding in nature and spend time with my young grandchildren – these two things never fail to lift me up! As do your posts – thank your,

  3. I utterly despaired when my mood had reached rock bottom and a well-meaning individual told me “Things don’t get better than this…” I see that today’s Nudge – to live life day by day – was possibly what he was clumsily suggesting. I recently derived a huge amount of pleasure from visiting a gallery. Whilst things are not as rosy today, remembering another of your Nudges – that life long learning is accessible and rewarding – I have decided to research some of the exhibits that inspired me. Thank you, as ever, for your wisdom.

  4. I try to do something for myself like buy art supplies or clean my apartment and then distract myself with a silly movie so things don’t seem so bad. It’s hard to get your mind off the bad but if you try to laugh at how silly life can be it can do you a world of good.

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