I’m in the forest

Something a little different for our daily Signpost catch-up today, as you’ll find me amidst the redwood trees in Huddart Park, near Woodside, California.

It seemed a good opportunity to remind us both of the emotional well-being benefits of getting out in nature, so – microphone in hand – off to the forest I went.

Maybe you’ve experienced moments of feeling great, out in nature? Why not share your story?

9 thoughts on “I’m in the forest

  1. I really loved, loved, loved the sound of the birds singing and the forest in the background of my signpost message today. Great to hear you Jon in a nature location.

  2. Jon, thank you again for all the trouble you are going to for this new venture – in order to help us daily.

    We will be out in nature shortly, taking our dogs! A twice-daily job that’s great for the dogs as well as us!

    1. Hmm…unless the dog (in my case) gives you the slip in a downpour and disappears from sight for a good 20 minutes in pursuit of a deer. I admit the cuppa afterwards was a welcome spin-off! Happy walking and go well.

    2. I’m loving that it’s pushing me, Karen. I was telling friends about it this morning over coffee, and they said that my body language was making it clear how much I’m enjoying this. Hope the dogs appreciated the nature as much as you did.

  3. Thank you Jon for this lovely post and reminders to check in! I’m 100% today… just done an hour’s yoga practice… always good for the soul and will get out in nature today too my Millie my Cockapoo!

  4. Thanks Jon. I can’t get out today because of a migraine following a difficult week so I really appreciated you bringing Nature to me.

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