Out with the New, In with the Old. Huh?

It’s the first Moodnudge of 2016, the first day of a new year.

So let me wish you a Happy New Year.


And isn’t it interesting that we use the word ‘happy’? Not ‘wealthy’ or ‘successful’ or ‘healthy’ or even ‘fun’.

But ‘happy’.

I’m not a great fan of new year’s resolutions. No offence if it’s your thing, but to me it often feels as though you’re setting yourself up to fail if you make ambitious resolutions at a time of year when you may not be at your strongest.

I would, instead, encourage you to do something else today, however, and that’s to work on an Old Year’s Revelation.

A revelation is a striking disclosure.

Something you may not have realised before.

And the revelation I’d love you to uncover is the one biggest thing you have to be grateful for about 2015.

Even if it wasn’t the best of years for you, all but the very darkest clouds generally have some kind of silver lining.

So please think about it. Even better share your Old Year’s Revelation in our Comments section.

And let’s all look forward to creating some new happy memories in 2016.

14 thoughts on “Out with the New, In with the Old. Huh?

  1. I can multi task, take criticism and survive. I can support others and boost my self-esteem. Baby steps are what it takes.

  2. Happy reflection on old year revelations Jon! Think this a great idea as I’m not keen on New Year’s resolutions either.

    However struggled a bit with this but came up with that I’m grateful for opportunities to work, connect with people & share experiences in healthcare which give me purpose and will hopefully improve services for others.

  3. My father died in February last year, so Mum and I have been speaking about our silver linings from 2015. My parents were together for almost 50 years and in August Mum moved from the house where they lived for all that time, so it’s been a stressful time. Her silver lining is finding a beautiful bungalow and being able to buy it. Mine is the increased closeness that Dad’s death brought me, not only with family, and friends, but with work colleagues. The support and love that came my way, sometimes from the most unexpected people, really was a revelation and has sustained me. We are truly blessed.

  4. My old years revelation!
    A lot has happened this year as most years tend to. I have made some mistakes at work. I have been shown who my real friends are, and they are wonderful. I have worked hard at being fitter and living healthier. I have discovered some new places. I am not the same person I was a year ago because of everything and I am actually looking forward to another year of letting go of the past and knowing that everyday, big or small, something wonderful will happen! Rose

  5. Finding out my daughter is coming back to Europe after living 14 years in Australia. Yay!
    That’s my old year’s revelation … Thank you, Jon, for the idea. And happy new year to you.

  6. 1) That my 15 year old son is capable of immense darkness and incredible light (both of which he probably inherited from me. Without the probably!) He’s emerging as a caring, kind, independent and fiercely loyal person, with a disarmingly honest streak.

    2) That my 20 year old daughter is a brave and intrepid explorer of the world, who can also rise to tough work challenges and push herself to her limits, totally giving herself to the cause with determination and resilience. And that if she wants to achieve something, she will.

    Thanks for this Jon, and everyone who has commented. I already feel more positive in myself today than I did when I woke up. It’s all in the thought framing! It was the roughest year in a long time, but silver linings are the way forward.
    Happy New Year everyone.
    Sally S

  7. I took voluntary redundancy from work after 27 years working in local government. I went through a wobbly spell in August when I felt I wasn’t achieving anything. A few sessions with a CBT therapist helped me recognise the purposeful things I achieved each week, particularly my volunteering. I volunteer at a lunch club run by people with learning disabilities. Best thing I’ve ever done! Totally different from the job I had. Apart from the lunch club I’ve been to the panto, been out for supper and to a Christmas disco. I’ve also used my Moodnudges emails on the days I feel low so thank you Jon. Happy New Year everyone

  8. Thanks Jon for this great idea… no more talk of New Year’s Resolutions for me, I’m out to dinner with friends tonight and I’ll start a discussion around Old Year’s Revelations to get everyone thinking about all the things they were grateful for last year.
    Personally for me it’s been a very challenging and distressing year because of building work that should have left me with a beautiful new home has had lots go horribly wrong, and there is still so much to put right….so today, instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong with my house I’m looking back on the wonderful, amazing, helpful and kind things I’ve experienced; the things that have made me laugh and smile. Warmest wishes to you all, and may you have lots of things to be grateful for to look back on this time next year.

  9. Two parents (his) died within four months of each other in 2015 ,so our family has had lots of sadness but also the opportunity to speak about the things that really matter and to bond closer. Reflections on lives lived and revelations about the departed have been surprising and empowering to the children.
    Whilst we will never forget the tremendous influence they have had, as parents and grandparents, and in-laws, we now feel able to move on, and are looking forward to a rosier 2016.

  10. Rather than New Year’s resolutions, Old Year’s revelations. Mostly on the theme of how much it’s possible for your life to change in a year and how, although possible to focus entirely on how much less of your old life you get to do once there are three – dinners out, late night drinks, weekend lie-ins, etc – just how much MORE of everything worthwhile there is when you are greeted with a small shining face each morning.
    Feeling incredibly fortunate. Thankyou 2015. Here’s to your successor!

  11. This was the year that I had a formal diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, a life changing event that enabled me to come to terms with my life, past and present, and equip me with the tools to deal with my future.

  12. End of 2015 I was finally diagnosed with some food intolerances. More than 30 years of un explained pain is now coming to an end. 30 years of not knowing but knowing something was wrong has ended. How do i feel? Like I have another chance

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