Playing the part of an investigative reporter

Every so often the newspapers feature surveys which list the professions people believe are the most- and least-respected.

Doctors and nurses generally do well.

Unfairly (but I would say that) my old profession, advertising, usually appears in the bottom ten. Along with journalism.


Now I guess you get used to the knocks, but I’m actually happy to count several journalists among my good friends, and to a man and woman they’re all fascinating people.

They have stories to tell, which I suppose goes without saying, and you only end up in this position when you have an insatiable curiosity, an interest in learning, and a fierce determination to find out as much as you can about, well, just about everything.

Actually, being interested in all that’s around you and having a burning desire to learn is a sure-fire way to boost your wellbeing.

And if you happen to be learning from another person, it’s pretty likely that they’ll get a lift if you quiz them like a journalist might, teasing out every little strand, and (really importantly) intensely tuning in to what they have to say.

So you both benefit.

Learn as much as you can today, unleashing the mighty full extent of your curiosity.

Go wherever it takes you.

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