It’s over? Don’t cry.

When I was very young (probably 4 or 5) I can definitely remember crying — literally — when I went to bed at the end of my birthday or Christmas Day.

Not because the day had been anything other than fantastic.

It was simply that the thing I’d been looking forward to more than anything in the world had come and gone.

Having talked to other people about it, I know I wasn’t alone in feeling like this.

Now, you’d think this kind of thing would leave you completely, wouldn’t you?

Fortunately the crying bit has.

But I can still feel a vestige of sadness after experiencing something particularly good, as I did by meeting up with great friends at the weekend.

After it was all over, I definitely felt at a bit of a loose end for a while.

Although it’s probably only natural, it does remind me of Dr. Seuss’s (Theodor Geisel) great line: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.’

A much better way of viewing things.

One thought on “It’s over? Don’t cry.

  1. So true – and I found unexpected. I spent weeks planning a birthday party for me (then in my forties) and yet the week afterwards found myself feeling low. It took a friend to point out to me that it was because it was over and had left me flat afterwards

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