Keep a record of positive stuff

I’d have thought it would have been a higher figure actually, but surveys suggest that around two-thirds of Americans believe the media focuses too heavily on bad news rather than good.

The trouble is, and it’s confirmed by journalist friends, bad news sells. Whether it’s on TV, in a newspaper, or online, the sad fact is that nearly all of us expect news coverage to be of negative, worrying and troubling events.

Not really the kind of stuff designed to lift your mood is it?

And speaking of moods, when you or I are in a low one, it’s as if there’s a shouty newspaper editor inside our head yelling at us to PRINT MORE BAD STORIES. When you’re feeling a bit fragile you may tend to see the world through a blue filter, meaning that you focus on what’s gone wrong and what’s not fair rather than celebrating what’s gone right and counting your blessings, even if they’re just modest ones.

Of course, this relentless churning of negative thoughts simply makes things worse, or at least makes them no better.

So how do we escape from this cesspit? Is escape even possible?

You know, I think it is, although like all these things it’s going to take a bit of effort.

You see, even the shabbiest of days generally aren’t rotten to the core. Think back through them and you’ll almost certainly be able to identify one or perhaps two better bits, even if they’re something as low-key as your bus having arrived on time, or that you found a seat when you boarded it.

Recalling positive events is a good start, and there’s certainly sense in doing so every night before you go to sleep: if you can, try and recall three things to be grateful for. There’s even more value, though, in committing them to paper, and keeping a positive events diary can make a big difference to low mood. There’s no need to write lots, just a brief note of anything good that’s happened can work wonders.

This can be especially encouraging when you’ve done it for a while and can look back to see that – well – the past wasn’t actually completely gloomy.

Why not acquire a good news habit? It’s no bad thing.

6 thoughts on “Keep a record of positive stuff

  1. I have a lovely preserving jar which I decorated with glittery ceramic paints and in it I place pieces of coloured paper with good things that happen, good things that are said to me, anything positive…pretty to look at, interesting to pour the papers out and look at the good that goes on in life …

    1. I want one of those. I have coloured paper and my cookie past jar was just emptied this morning, so guess what my new project is going to be 😀

  2. I keep a gratitude diary and looking back on it the other day I noticed a down side to it… And then cracked up at myself… I have a special talent which allows me to seek out the dark side… argh! anyway I realised that looking back my gratitudes had documented a much happier time ‘then’ than now. 4 years ago, I was in a much happier place compared to now. My advice is… Gratitude diaries are all very well in the moment but if you look back, remember its all done in a wider context. Otherwise it can be a bit like reading about other people’s ‘great’ lives on FB and comparing them to yours, now..!

  3. I want one of those!
    I have coloured paper and ribbons to decorate and I have just emptied a cookie paste jar this morning, so you can guess what my next project is going to be… Thank you 😀

  4. Wonderful! Sharing gratitude ideas, inspiring action, trying new things. I love it, and what I feel positive and grateful about right now is your lovely comments. Have fun playing with gratitude and good things!

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