What you can learn from small kids. And dogs.

I think small children and dogs have it just about right.

Take either to a park and—whoosh—they’re off.

Racing away to the other side of wherever, pleased as punch to be free and unrestrained, giddy in their freedom to run as fast as their legs will carry them.


However, since you’re not a small child, nor almost certainly a canine creature, your reaction to being in a big wide open space is likely to be more subdued.

You may stroll slowly.

You might not even be there in the first place.

As we grow older, parks may turn from places of extreme fascination to somewhere you go if you really really have to.

But in losing this excitement, in growing out of this devil-may-care mindset, I think we lose something, because when you take the small child or dog home after their bonkers run-around, what you see is a calmer two- or four-legged friend who’ll almost certainly sleep well that night.

Keeping active is good for your physical health, of course, but it can also do wonders for your state of mind.

The trouble is, many simply don’t get the opportunity to get exercise during the course of the average day.

Or maybe the opportunities don’t seem so obvious.

Maybe you’ll find unexpected opportunities during your day to get a little more active (if you can) though?

Accompany a small child or dog to a park.

Walk faster than you normally might, perhaps so fast that it makes you chuckle to yourself (you never know).

Turn the radio up and dance like a whirling dervish.

Take the stars rather than the elevator.

Walk up the escalator rather than waiting to be carried.

Go for a swim.

Go for a walk.

Heck, go for a run.

Remember how it felt to be a small child.

Imagine, even, how it would feel to be a dog.

Ready? Fetch!

2 thoughts on “What you can learn from small kids. And dogs.

  1. My dog-self had a fab walk this morning for an hour and a half…with my real-dog!!! Unfortunately real-dog wouldn’t make lunch and wouldn’t help with the gardening, but at least we have both had loads of fresh air and exercise!
    Great nudge, Jon.

  2. I love the typo “take the stars”! That’s how imagine children and dogs feel when they are running around 🙂

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