Be kind to yourself by taking more time.

I used to bemoan the fact that when I asked a programmer how long he thought it would take him to finish a project and he said four days, this actually meant four weeks.

But the trouble is, that’s often how things work – and in fact I’m as guilty as the next person for underestimating the length of time that tasks will take.

In business it’s good to exceed your customers’ expectations.

For instance I love that when I buy a book on Amazon, the site tells me it won’t get delivered for several days, but then my order often turns up tomorrow.

When you underestimate the length of time it’ll take you to do something, I think you’re really setting yourself up to fail.

Instead of being pleased with your achievement, you’ll be disappointed in how much longer it took than it should have done.

So why not try to be a bit more lenient when it comes to planning your time?

Instead of giving yourself 30 minutes to tackle a task, and being dissatisfied when it takes 45, why not allow an hour in the first place?

This way you’ll very likely end up with a spare quarter of an hour to spend as you wish.

Don’t over-schedule.

Do be kind to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Be kind to yourself by taking more time.

  1. It’s been a while since I expressed my gratitude for these daily Moodnudges. Ironically, I often feel too busy to get round to any comment. And I have to admit I often skim read, getting the gist of the day’s nudge without really taking the time to appreciate the suggestions and the beautifully crafted words.

    Thank you, Jon, for continuing to produce these nuggets of heart-warming good cheer, never knowing how many of us are out there reading your words and, more significantly perhaps, how many of us are actually taking the time to “inwardly digest” and then act upon your suggestions. Thank you for your daily doses of optimism

  2. I always seem to be in the mode of having too many things to do and not having enough hours in the day to do them. I really am my own worst enemy, I rarely delegate and then wonder why I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. I know it’s about being in control and not necessarily trusting others to be as efficient as me. This is a difficult habit to break and something I must address as I am feeling the pressure more now as I get older. I read a tip the other day about using a timer, set to around 45 mins or an hour to then tackle a job then stop for a break where you do nothing but chill/meditate etc , then repeat this a few times in your day . I am going to give this a try . Wish me luck 😊

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