It pays to know who you are

Q – What did the 19th century Parisian newspaper correspondent ask when he wanted to know if the author of ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’ was at a party?

A – ‘Hugo’s there?’

Puns aside, ‘Who goes there?’ is what sentries demand when they hear the approach of some unidentified, possibly hostile, individual.


Faced with such a challenge from behind a loaded gun, now possibly isn’t the best time for the approaching person to start asking themselves who they really are.

(I mean, who AM I?)

Better, perhaps, to announce that you are the King’s messenger and that you come in peace (or words to that effect).

Of course, it’s not always that straightforward to answer the ‘who are you’ question.

You’re someone’s son or daughter, you may be a brother or sister, you’re somebody’s neighbour, you could be an employee or a boss.

I think you’re also what you stand for, and what you believe in.

Whoever you are, however, be comfortable with it if you can.

Life has made you this way, and although some change may be possible, your component parts are pretty firmly in place.

(Well I hope so, anyway.)

One thought on “It pays to know who you are

  1. Part of the problem lies in trying to be who everyone else wants you to be don’t you think?
    Only with age you start to get fed up of people telling you how you should and shouldn’t be. I’m mid 40 s and only now realising I am much happier by not hiding my fairly lively personality at work. For years I’ve kept quite to keep the peace, to avoid getting in trouble for saying the wrong thing……that game has ended and it is liberating.
    If you are your natural self, people sense your vibrance and energy….bizarrly enough it also seems to be appreciated….which makes me wonder why I hid myself in the first place!…..something to ponder…..

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