What you and I can learn from a Super Ball.

Growing up, there were tennis balls, and cricket balls, and footballs, and beach balls.

But I also remember when Super Balls were all the rage.

Super Balls were new (then) and different.

Made of a strangely tough kind of plastic, they bounced astonishingly well.

Throw them down on a concrete floor and they’d bounce as high as a house.

That’s how we saw them anyway, my brother and I.

The ability to bounce is an impressive one, which I think applies to people almost as much as it does to Super Balls.

Before this little story gets very odd, let me reassure you that I’m clearly not for a minute suggesting that it makes sense for people to be bouncing off the floors and walls.

I’m thinking more about that quality we call resilience – the ability to ‘bounce back’ after things have gone wrong.

The fact is – as sure as eggs is eggs – things are going to go wrong now and then.

Life’s going to wobble and twist.

It’ll throw things at you which you weren’t expecting.

And in such cases, what really matters is how you cope, and how quickly you’re able to get back on track.

Think about it, and you should realise that you’ve been able to recover after setbacks have occurred in the past, and this should help you believe that you have it in you to bounce back in the future too.

You’re stronger than you think, you know.

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