Help others by learning from what has helped you.

Going through your own problems with mood may make you wonder if there could ever be anything positive that might come out of it.

Naturally, emerging from the other end of the tunnel is clearly something to be proud of.

Something to feel good about.

But what of the darker times themselves?

It may not seem obvious at the time, but facing a challenge like this can give you a pretty useful perspective when it comes to helping others.

Perhaps this ‘been there, done that’ experience could help you be more understanding and empathetic when someone else is facing up to their own bad time?

Whilst I think we’d all agree that being told by someone to ‘pull your socks up’ when you’re low is utterly, dreadfully the wrong approach, it can also be the case that the exact opposite – gushing, sad-eyed empathy – may not be what you’re looking for either.

Sometimes you need a touch of pragmatism, for someone to step in and lend a hand.

If you’ve ever had help and support that worked for you, please learn from it.

Then think about adopting the same approach yourself when somebody else is in need.

One thought on “Help others by learning from what has helped you.

  1. Have suffered from depression on and off since being a teenager; touch wood not had a bout since 2007. It has definitely made me more understanding of others, and the hundreds of self help books I’ve read have given me strategies to manage my mind, although I do occasionally sink into the abyss but I know it’s just a trough that I’ll come out of again.

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