A little learning, a little mood-lifting.

Can you remember how good it felt when you learned to ride a bike?

Or when you learned to swim?

(I’m assuming you did both, apologies if that wasn’t the case.)

Although plenty of people may have fallen out of love with formal education, there’s no denying the joy and satisfaction of learning how to do something new, or even of learning something for learning’s sake.

Making sure you keep learning is a great tip for staying well in the head department, so it’s worth making sure you maximise your opportunities for doing so in the next few days.

Find a new recipe and try it out.

Ask a friend who speaks a language you don’t know to teach you a word or two.

Find out how to fix something around the house (the solution’s certain to be in Google or on YouTube).

Open a big fat dictionary at random and learn a new word in your own language.

Learn a card trick and impress a friend.

When it comes to learning, the world’s your oyster.

What can you explore this week?

What new skill can you acquire in the next few days?

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