Lift your head, lift your mood.

When things are good, we say they’re looking up.

When they’re not, they’re looking down.

But although these are figures of speech, I was surprised to (almost literally) bump into someone I know in the street recently, simply because I was I was looking at the ground in front, rather than at what was in front of me.

And it occurred to me that, yes, I was feeling a little downhearted (a transitory thing, I’m pleased to report).

In staring at my feet, I suppose I was looking at where I was.

If I’d been looking ahead, I’d have been studying where I wanted to go.

I think we all do it at times, rushing along deep in thought, eyes glued to the ground.

The view, however, is nearly always better when you look around, taking in all your journey has to offer.

So next time you find yourself with eyes down, pull your head up and drink in the view.

It also avoids that nasty thing where you walk into a lamp-post. Not nice.

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