Lights, cameras, action. Time for a mind movie.

I guess it’s human nature.

We tend to dwell on those things which have gone wrong, often completely failing to recall those which were successful, happy and exciting.

Sometimes it seems we believe that constantly replaying the sadder, badder stuff might will it all away, whereas it often just assumes more and more importance, usually far in excess of its actual significance.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got quite good at chewing over negative events, seeing the pictures in your mind just as clearly as they were when whatever it was first happened.

Often, however, a distorting filter gets placed in front of the lens, so the pictures you see are actually a misinterpretation of what really took place.

It may be difficult, but there’s a lot to be said for thinking like a detective when the nasties show up in your head time after time.

Was it truly and honestly as awful as you think? Was everything about it as bleak as you remember?

And most important of all, is there honestly any value in playing it back as often as you do?

So here’s a thought. If you’ve become an expert at creating these remembered images, why not put your skills to better use now and then by re-running memories of an especially good and happy event?

Visualise the sights and sounds. Concentrate hard on re-imagining the thoughts you had at the time.

It’s surprising how quickly this can work, and how swiftly it can bring a small smile to your lips.

4 thoughts on “Lights, cameras, action. Time for a mind movie.

  1. When I look back and especially if I try to be a detective I see that many things were truly awful and …. bother! what’s that word that means made to seem less than they were? at the time, then I think Well, no wonder I sometimes feel pretty bad it’s hardly surprising I survived all that and here I am. Good! on with the day.
    However, I am one of the lucky ones who has done a considerable amount of therapy so have worked a lot of stuff out with help – often I have been Watson to a professional Holmes. Very difficult to get an objective view on your own. Talking is so important.

  2. With the help of professionals – I have been able to relook at some of my painful memories. While they were as bad as I remembered – they were beyond my control at a time when I was too young to have control. Once I realized these events were not my fault I was able to put them to rest – at least most of the time! Thank you for this post!

    1. All good, thank you, Lee. I’ve been looking after a friend’s dogs and cats for the weekend, which ended up being all-consuming! Kind of you to check in.

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