Why it makes sense to listen when your body talks

To what extent do you pay attention to your body?

Do you listen to the signals it sends you? More importantly, do you take action when it’s needed?


I was thinking about this the other morning, on my walk to go and have a cup of coffee, shivering a bit as the weather’s turned chilly.

Foolishly I’d only picked up a light jacket as I left home, and really should have gone for something with more insulation.

That’s what got me thinking about bodily signals, some of which I think we do generally act on.

You feel cold so you put on a sweater or coat.

You’re thirsty so you drink a glass of water.

You get hungry so you sneak a snack.

These actions are more or less automatic reflexes which we think little about.

Very often, however, it’s possible to turn a blind eye to other messages.

Maybe more important ones.

Perhaps you’ve an ache or pain which you just grin and bear.

Maybe your digestive system plays up from time to time.

Or it’s possible that a visit to the dentist is overdue.

It’s easy to forget that matters relating to mood can encompass not just the space between your ears, but just about every part of your body.

Taking care of everything on the outside can play a big part in looking after everything on the inside.

Just as a skilled motor mechanic can often diagnose problems simply by listening to a car’s engine running, you probably know more than you’re prepared to admit about what needs tweaking health-wise for you, and some of this action can be handled on a DIY basis.

I’m not of course advocating self-surgery (for a start, it’s not easy to concentrate after you’ve anaesthetised yourself, and jolly painful if you don’t), simply suggesting that today’s a great day to do something rather radical when your body talks: listen.

2 thoughts on “Why it makes sense to listen when your body talks

  1. I think I am pretty good at listening to my body with one important exception- fatigue! Being tired is something I push away for as long as I can – at least until my body sends a louder signal in the form of a cold or headache or just the plain old crankiness! This is my year for listening to my body’s nead rest- and for not confusing busyness with being of value!

  2. Not listening for roughly 30 years caused a trip to the emergency room in 2015! Finally I decided to listen and get tested. I have food intolerances! Crazy that they have caused so much havoc….I’m now slowly getting myself sorted and listening to my body instead of ignoring it.

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