Looking after your mind starts with looking after your body.

I’m reliably informed that back in 2006 Mariah Carey’s legs were insured for a knee-trembling billion dollars.

Over the years, a procession of celebs have had eye-popping policies covering various body parts (often, I suspect, largely for PR purposes).

However, it may make you wonder why such a chasm should exist between those who take care of their bodies (I’m assuming that if you have billion-dollar legs, someone somewhere is going to be keeping a very close eye on your pins’ wellbeing) – and those who don’t.


I reckon there’s a tendency for many of us to assume that our bodies will simply look after themselves, even when we treat them carelessly.

But that’s not always so, and it’s easy to slip into bad ways.

Not surprisingly your mental wellbeing is pretty closely dependent on your physical health, and this in turn is clearly affected by the degree to which you look after yourself.

Unless you know something I don’t, you’ve only got the one body.

Does it therefore not make sense to look after it?

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