Looking outward when you’re in your cave.

You’re human, so it won’t be surprising if you go through times when your mood is a bit on the grey side.

There’s a lot of us in that boat and I know from my own experience that when the clouds descend it’s easy to become self-absorbed.

It’s natural and perfectly understandable that whenever possible you’d like to go into your cave and stay there.

It’s good to remember, though, that even a little bit of social contact can do you the world of good.

I’m doing well at the moment, thankfully, but recently I popped in to see a neighbour who’d been under the weather.

I only stayed five minutes but I know it perked her up to have a visitor.

But it also gave me a real lift too.

However you’re feeling this week, and however busy you are, see if you can slot in dropping in on someone for a few minutes.

Or just call them.

Doesn’t have to be for long, but you’ll soon be basking in the warmth of the encounter.

Or at least feeling a little less chilly.

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