Losing track.

I do my best, I really do.

But try as I may to keep track of things that friends and family tell me are upcoming for them (medical appointments for example), all too often I forget.


Then of course I kick myself when they subsequently tell me how they got on, when I’d far rather have been in the position of remembering to ask them in the first place.

It’ll make me feel a little better if I know it’s something which also happens to you now and then.

But if it is, I don’t think you or I should beat ourselves up about it.

Much more importantly we shouldn’t feel offended when someone forgets something about us.

You’d need a brain like a super-computer to keep track of everything around you, but that’s just not possible.

But simple practical systems can help.

For me, it’s time to start sticking those Post-It notes on the fridge door again.

I like it when I remember things about people.

They do too.

4 thoughts on “Losing track.

  1. I am terrible for this. I think about plans for the 23rd, and plans for next weekend, but don’t connect that these are the same!
    Also regularly forgot who has which issues or who told me something

  2. Indeed Jon! Even as I read your post I had just remembered that my friend was at the hospital today with her mum and sent her a quick text.
    It’s rare that I remember stuff like that though due to just too many things in my life at the moment. But that fact also makes me very forgiving and unexpecting of other people when it comes to them remembering things about me. My best friends are those who say “don’t worry, I’m JUST the same!”
    But it sure felt nice to send that text earlier…. Sally S

  3. Dear Jon,
    I usually re-read all my previous year’s christmas mail letters before adding individual notes to friends. This year I didn’t and am embarrassed now. I asked after a friends elderly parents forgetting her father had died 4 years ago. I even remembered writing after his death when I saw the letter from 3 years ago. We used to go to primary school together and then she moved miles away to the far side of Canada.

    Keeping notes of diary engagements is quite necessary for me.

    Happy christmas

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