On darker days, make plans, but make them modest.

What’s for dinner tonight?

Anything planned for next weekend?

Which friends will you be catching up with in the coming month?

When you’re going through a rough patch, it’s unfortunately rather too easy to believe you’ve little or nothing to look forward to.

Even the most optimistic of us can turn into glass-half-full individuals when times are tough.


A sense of keen anticipation about upcoming events tends to be a good indication that you’re in a relatively good place, while the opposite – a feeling that there’s nothing on the horizon – is probably a pretty good sign that all’s not well in your world.

If you feel like doing little else than pulling the curtains shut and climbing under the bedcovers, you’re unlikely to be in the right frame of mind to make big plans, nor should you beat yourself up for not doing so.

When the black dog visits, your sense of perspective gets skewed, so even if you do try to make important decisions, your conclusions may well be distorted.

However, this needn’t necessarily prevent you from setting yourself smaller, more winnable, objectives.

So don’t try to re-plan your career, but do think about what you might enjoy for lunch.

Instead of struggling to make decisions about a forthcoming family gathering, simply decide what you’ll watch on television this evening.

They may seem trivial goals but the truth is, giving yourself something to look forward to can make a big difference to the way a dull day goes.

One thought on “On darker days, make plans, but make them modest.

  1. So true, Jon.
    I’m finding it very hard to be hopeful at the moment…even when I have something booked, it’s like I get anxious about it and just want to stay at home. Don’t even care if I’m on my own or not.
    Sometimes it is just easier on my mind to let everything else go and just close the shutters and keep out of the way….for a while until the Black Dog has left.
    Am hoping he’s on his way and have managed some gardening today and a good ‘real’dog walk…husband has booked a table out at a favourite haunt so I WILL get showered, dressed and go…even if I don’t really feel like it!! And anyway…it’s nice not to have to think of cooking this evening!! Thank you Jon.

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