Make plans, even when you absolutely don’t feel like it

When I browse around book stores here in the USA, I’m often struck by the use of a particular Dr Seuss quotation on cards and gifts meant for newly graduating students:

‘Oh, the places you’ll go!’

When you’re young, there’s a strong tendency to believe that as one thing finishes, another – perhaps better – begins. That’s probably mostly what you’ll have experienced during the progress of your own education. As one door closes, another is already opening to welcome you in.


Also, as you grow up there are always those age-related milestones to look forward to: being allowed in a bar, getting your driver’s licence, seeing movies that were forbidden when you were younger.

The life of a growing child is pretty goal-driven, you’ll probably agree. For many, however, things change as the years pass. It may seem as though there’s less to look forward to, and possibly even that some of what’s to come is to be regretted or even feared.

This is never more so than at times when the clouds have descended on your mind. On a particularly grey day it may seem as though there’s little to anticipate, not much to get excited about.

However, although it’s supposed to be impossible to tickle yourself (I’d try but I’m in a university library) there are certain neurological actions that can actually be self-started. For example, you can schedule yourself something you’ll look forward to.

While this obviously wouldn’t work with something like a surprise party (unless you’re pretty forgetful) it’s certainly possible to create your own things to get a little excited about. I’m sure you’ll have ideas, so why not schedule something positive for later on?

3 thoughts on “Make plans, even when you absolutely don’t feel like it

  1. Thanks for this Jon.

    I find that I can plan an event in advance and even look forward to it as I’m inviting people or sorting out a booking to stay somewhere, but as it draws ever closer, I start thinking of all the things that will be uncomfortable, are bound to go wrong, won’t be right for the others involved, until I just don’t want to go and do it. I regret having invited people over for Christmas drinks next week…but know it has to be done and I’ll stress about it as the evening looms. Aargh, wish I could just chill!

    I know it will be fine, but I also know my OH gets stressed which I think sets me off in the beginning!

  2. Great post today, Jon! Was just talking to a friend yesterday about the dizzying pace of life changes for our children. The friend recalled that we were like that ourselves when we were that age…

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