Do the things that make you happy

“The other day someone asked me why I was banging my head against a brick wall, so I said ‘It’s nice when it stops.'”

This didn’t really happen of course and, what’s more, a corny joke like this is hardly going to get me a gig as a stand-up.

It does, though, serve to illustrate the absurdity of undertaking an unpleasant activity simply because you’ll enjoy the relief once you’ve stopped.

And it’s also a perfect reminder of the sense of simply doing stuff which makes you feel happy.


It’s not complicated, is it?

But I wonder how often you remember this very straightforward idea? If you know what makes you feel happy and you’re failing to do it,, is it any wonder that you’re feeling worse than you might?

If this comes across as preachy, it’s really not meant that way.

In fact I can be more guilty than most of not remembering to accomplish those simple things I know could make me happy: this post ought to serve as a reminder to us both, therefore.

Here’s my suggestion.

Why don’t we both make a list of simple things that boost our mood?

You know, a proper list, written down.

Then we’ll need to work out ways of making them happen.

For example, two rather random thoughts that come to my own mind are (a) stroking someone’s dog always feels good, and (b) I love sitting down to draw something (and haven’t done this for years).

How will I make these happen?

Well I’ll certainly be on the look out for friendly-appearing mutts.

And one lunchtime I’ll sit outside with a sketchpad.

So, what will you do?

When will you do it?

Please feel free to add your list to the comments section.

13 thoughts on “Do the things that make you happy

  1. Usually Jon, making a cake makes me happy – and sometimes others as well…
    especially as we have the modern mixers and blenders etc. ( although such exertions
    would , build and strengthen the arms ! )

      1. It’s come out well, but quickly sliced and put in foil into the freezer.
        if you’re prepared to get on that plane, it’ll be waiting for you…and Alex of course
        ( unless she’s on a diet of course – as cakes are so rich ! )

        1. Sounds delicious Diana and full marks for having the self-control to get it into the freezer without ‘treating yourself’ immediately. It sounds a bit like that marshmallow test many years ago!

  2. Going for a swim, which I may do later, going out for coffee/tea with a friend this afternoon. Wednesday this week I went down to the sea front and walked along and up to some lovely gardens, it was 7am nobody much about, the sea was calm, and far out exposing a big expanse of sand, it was heavenly. We only live a mile from the sea but don’t go down often enough, so have told myself I really need to make the effort as I’m always up early, the wonderful feeling stayed with me for most of the day.
    Thank you Jon, for nudging my thoughts, you are a great help, hope it lifts your spirits writing them.

  3. Hi Jon
    I try to use my list of wellbeing as much as possible. Seeing friends and spending quality time with family ( family first) top the list.
    Then meditating and walking in the park are a close follow up.
    Self care programmes I feel are vital

  4. Giorgia commented via email:

    “Thank you for reminding me this.

    I love dancing, reading, baking and singing.

    And I will do all these things in the next three days :)”

  5. Tomorrow I will paint dandelions- their flowers, leaves and clocks – in watercolours. It was supposed to happen today, but I let other things take priority. I do enjoy doing art and craft things, even if they don’t turn out as planned, and I want to make time for it , even for 15 minutes, every day.

    1. Lovely to think of you painting dandelions Helen. I can just imagine you getting lost in your water-colouring.

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