How making something can make your day.

The word ‘creative’ is used as an adjective most of the time. But in my former advertising career it was also a noun. People referred to me as a creative, and they often referred to my output as ‘the creative’ too.

(On occasion I suspect they referred to the work as something far less complimentary beginning with the same two letters, but let’s perhaps not go there. Everyone has bad days.)

All very confusing.


When we were young, I’m sure you and I were both creatives. We made things, we drew, we painted, we cut, folded and glued. We imagined.

But then in many cases, something happened. You grew up. You were expected to follow the rules, to paint inside the lines, to conform rather than rebel.

To consume rather than create.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Making stuff and coming up with new ideas is fun, liberating and even a little exhilarating. A mood-booster if ever there was one.

Even those who insist that they haven’t an ounce of creativity in them are forgetting that things were very different once upon a time (in those making, drawing, painting, cutting, folding, gluing and imagining days).

And just as you don’t forget how to ride a bike, I believe you never lose your abilities to be creative – they simply need to be un-forgotten.

So what could you make today? Why not unleash your inner creative?

Go for it.

10 thoughts on “How making something can make your day.

  1. You are right Jon and we often forget just how therapeutic creativity is. There are many creative activities – knitting, crochet, painting, woodwork, gardening – the list is endless. I always get a lift from painting even if I only manage half an hour at a time. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. My dear friends are moving house today to a different area but still within visiting time…so I can’t wait to see what the house looks like, as I want to make them a homemade gift….I can see and crochet and stick ‘n’ glue…so who knows what I’ll come up with!

  3. I started coloring again. Bought colored pencils last week. The feeling was so great to just dive back in that part of me that just lets loose and create.

  4. All very true. Sometimes the getting started is the hardest part in the busy, crazy world we live in and also allowing oneself that time just to create.

  5. Yes! I get a lot of personal satisfaction from making or painting something and I count myself incredibly lucky I discovered face painting – which not only gives me a creative release but a great income too. Plus the feedback is immediate – smiling is infectious! I love my new creative career xx

  6. This is so timely. I was feeling today “I need to do something with my life.” I have a full-time job. I was thinking about contributing some way. Not that my job’s not valuable; I work for a growing clean energy company. But I’m also creative, and I feel like I need to reach out and touch people in some way. Maybe seeing if I can volunteer to teach crafts at a Boys and Girls Club, or teach professionalism to young women in rehab. This has gotten me thinking.

  7. I was in London last week and the shops are full of colouring books for adults as a stress reliever or for those who cannot sleep, wonderful start for those who want to start somewhere and like “between the lines”. My daughter loves colouring as it takes her back to childhood which lucky for her was a good place!

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