Will today be a mango and peach smoothie kind of day?

Some love Saturdays, others hate them.

For those on the latter team I think the distaste might be attributed to a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Perhaps work or other commitments mean that weekdays are spent at least partly in the company of other people, but that weekend days are a bit more solitary?

If this might be the case for you (even if it’s just sometimes) it’s worth remembering that connectedness is a pretty crucial contributor to your wellbeing.

Being around others can give your mood a seriously healthy boost.

A kind of peach and mango smoothie for the soul.

But it can be easy to forget this, especially if you wake up feeling tired, lethargic, or a little low.

It can also be easy to forget that you generally start your day with more choice than you might believe about what you will or won’t do.

Today is a good day – a great day – to go out of your way to connect with others.

Face to face is best.

But a phone call can be great too.

Why not make today a connecting one?

A peach and mango smoothie one too, if you like.

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