Get a quick boost of meaningfulness

Unless you’re fantastically fortunate there will almost certainly be times in life when things feel a bit meaningless.

A bit blah.

Sometimes this can be the result of circumstances – when someone you love (or loved) is no longer there, for instance.


But it can also come about if the black dog comes calling, often for no apparent reason whatsoever.

When you feel like this, it’s received wisdom that it can help to believe that you’re living a life of meaning – that there’s some greater purpose for you being here.

But it could be that your low mood will have you questioning the very idea of this.

Some are able to turn to religious beliefs at a time like that.

But what can you do when the feeling of being part of something bigger might help, but you have no particular religious faith?

Here are five possibilities.

Maybe one will work for you.

Perhaps they’ll inspire you to think of others.

1. Get out into nature.

There’s nothing like a walk in the big outdoors to remind you that you’re one (vital) component in a complex, rich world.

2. Listen to a piece of beautiful, moving music.

Another human being wrote that, and others performed it: they weren’t so different from you.

3. Visit a church or cathedral and take time to soak up its atmosphere.

Think about the people who built it, and their motivations for doing so.

Again, they were human beings very much like you and me.

4. Spend time with children – a reminder that the human race is a never-ending relay, of which you’re an important part.

5. Borrow a library-book biography of someone you admire, preferably someone whose life seemed full of meaning.

As you read it, look for clues: what led them to being the way they are, or were?

While none of these are certain to provide you with a magic remedy on a meaningless day, they might help a little, and every little helps.

6 thoughts on “Get a quick boost of meaningfulness

  1. What great reminders , Jon, I do so appreciate this. It is very true that we all need a life of meaning, and it is easy to lose sight of that when feeling a bit blah! I like the way you’ve put this down so clearly, too. Thanks.

  2. All great ideas- for myself spending time in nature helps but spending time with children is my most helpful- just seeing the wonder and joy they posses is contagious and always lifts my mood. Thanks for these great reminders!

  3. Thank you Jon
    I read this as I am on my way to my dear mum’s funeral
    Right words at the right time
    Such comfort they have given me and practical advice

    Thank you from my heart

  4. Thankyou Jon. Very practical suggestions when pointlessness overwhelms. When meaninglessness glues me rigid.

  5. Thanks Jon, I found todays moodnudge very useful, helpful reminders
    Happy New Year and thankyou for Moodnudges

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