Measure your mood, pick a picture.

How would you like to take part in some super-quick research with a difference?

A week ago I asked for your help completing yet another questionnaire, and hundreds of readers got involved, generating some fascinating results in the process.

A little surprisingly, quite a few people told me they actually enjoyed taking part, and after a conversation with my friend Josh, this inspired me to think about experimenting with another piece of research that’s intended to provide us with something more entertaining than another long list of numbers.

So this one’s a bit different.

There are 13 questions in total, the first twelve of which are intended to capture how you’re feeling.

The final question, though, asks you to select one of four images. I’m really interested to learn more about the choices people make.

I’ll say no more for now, but once I’ve crunched the numbers I’ll share what I discover. It should take a couple of days to do this, so expect some feedback on March 1st (this coming Wednesday).

Here’s the questionnaire:

Thank you hugely. I have a feeling this one could be fascinating.

7 thoughts on “Measure your mood, pick a picture.

    1. Hello Jon, love this questionnaire more than all of the others:) One point to note… the images are labelled thus engaging those of us who read again. I would recommend losing the labels so that it is pure image we are responding to….

      1. Hi Jon, I echo Claire’s comment. I was really attracted to the turquoise blue picture, but didn’t feel in a “pool” mood, so went for “splash” instead, as it was more energetic. The relationship between colour and mood is a whole different area that might be fun to explore further.

  1. I had a curious experience when doing the survey and this is linked to previous recent posts. I realised that I can feel many emotions alongside one another that can seem like opposites.

    So: I feel quite anxious about Brexit and Trump but I also am (mostly) managing it so also feel some level of calm. I feel worried & angry at the level of misinformation about matters of considerable importance but am not overwhelmed by it, so I also experience happiness too.

    1. I have no idea if my reply is welcome or can be any help. It is easy to react with strong feelings about topics that are constantly being fed to you in great amount by media. We live in a fear-based media society. If one zooms out it is easy to spot. If media was choosing to constantly and massively write about and talk on the news (kind of 24/7) for example about how animals are treated/killed in the food industry, the fact that minimum a million of children are being sex slaves or about very disturbing things that constantly are being covered up (all with very graphic pictures and as much as Brexit and Trump), I believe your anxiety levels would go up about those topics. Kowing this can perhaps help you zoom out and not feel too overwhelmed. And I sincerely hope I didn’t trigger anxiety by bringing up sad topics. Take care and all the best /M

  2. Hi there!

    It’s interesting to answer questions about one’s mood. I’ve been a Moodscope/Moodnudgets subscriber for many years now. I have learned through three years of dialectical behaviour therapy to understand more about feelings and, importantly, underlying feelings. Also how a primary feeling can go unnoticed and trigger other feelings. I for example acted out against my parents as a child with frustration/anger when I from the beginning was feeling sad for not being heard or understood.

    Years ago I couldn’t tell what I felt, besides from when I was very cheerful. I can remember being upset, but not if it was because I was sad, angry, stressed out or something else. I still find it alittle hard at times, especially when asked how I feel through answering questions like in this test. I actually have a hard time knowing if I am a tiny nervous or happy or so, beacause just focusing on/trying to interpret what I am feeling can actually trigger the feeling.

    Choosing picture was hard. I know the instruction said not to think and go for feeling, but I found it impossible this time. I was drawn to the pool water because of the vivid and uplifting colour, but I think I might mre be the deep great ocean. Either way, I chose the glass of water, one of the two pictures that didn’t appeal to me at all at first sight (they didn’t capture my attention), because I somewhat have constantly felt kind of trapped for years now.

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