Menagerie management

You know that feeling of having your routines disrupted?

Of finding out that some of the structures that were around you are no longer (temporarily) in place?

That’s a bit what it’s been like for me since the beginning of this month.

For the whole of July, I’m looking after a friend’s pets while she’s away, and this means house-sitting.

While it certainly has its merits, and there are certainly attractions (and distractions) in having a dog and cat around, it’s playing havoc with some of my day-to-day work and responsibilities.

That’s partly why there was no emailed post from me last week, and in fact I’m only producing this one a couple of hours before it’ll be making its way to you.

To make up for it a little, I’ve used some of my old advertising skills to produce half a dozen shareable “graphics” – fun illustrations of the six psychological wellbeing dimensions that make up the S.P.I.R.I.T. framework.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, and if so, please feel very free to share them with friends/colleagues etc on social media, or by emailing them.

You’ll find them below.

I know many Moodnudges readers have been experiencing pretty hot weather recently, so if that’s been your experience, please try to stay as cool as you can.

Normal blog service ought to be resumed next week.

Pets willing.

15 thoughts on “Menagerie management

  1. Glad to hear you’ve allowed yourself to be distracted, Jon, with life enhancing four-legged friends for company, and helping out a human friend all the justification you need.
    And the pictures are well worth the wait – I love them!

  2. No need to justify the very things that help people out and make them and you feel better about purpose and interconnection, be human or animal! 🙂
    From another creative soul, I also love the images.

  3. Hi Jon,

    I love the books from Charles Dickens. So very true! And – I wouldn’t be without my furry comforters!

    So good to read your words today.

    Sending best thoughts from Moodscope and the UK!

    1. Hi Mary, lovely to hear from you over here. It’s great to read you once a week on the Moodscope blog.

      Thank you, and best wishes to those furry comforters of yours.

  4. I’m joining your pet party late!

    Been on holiday for a couple of weeks, so to look after myself, I allowed myself not to read all my emails!

    These are great! I think lots of Moodnudges readers have appreciated them too, so thanks Jon (and your friend’s pets), for allowing you to do something different here.
    Best wishes to you and hugs, bones and catnip to the animals!

    1. Hope your holiday was great, Karen.

      And you do of course get extra points for being able to disregard your email in-box.

      I think more of us should do that, more often. Me, definitely, included.

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