It’s Message Received Day in the UK.

One of several differences I’ve been learning to manage since I moved to the US is the American custom of putting the month ahead of the day in dates, whereas (usually) it’s the other way around in the UK.

So my date of birth is 2/28/etc here in the US, but 28/2/etc in the US.

I say this, simply because today, April 10th, is 4/10 where I’m writing this, but 10/4 back in Blighty, which this is an admittedly rather convoluted way to bring up the “10-4” used by CB radio users.

You may be semi-aware, as I was, that 10-4 stands for “message received, or OK,” but where did the code originally come from?

Well, back in 1937 (very considerably before “etc,” if you were wondering) the US police introduced a system called “10 codes,” designed to streamline radio communications.

According to my research, there are over 100 different codes, including a “10-10” which means Fight In Progress, “10-20” indicating Location (what’s your 10-20?) and “10-82” for Reserve Lodging (presumably when a police officer decides it’s just too late to think about going home).

So today’s “message received” day in the UK, whereas we’ll have to wait until October 4th for the US equivalent.

All very complicated.

If you’re having a hard time, though, going through a period of wretched low mood, I think it might be helpful if there was the equivalent of a “10-4” for others to use when you tell them what you’re going through (if you’re brave enough to do so).

I suspect you don’t really want someone to tell you that it’ll all be better tomorrow. You almost certainly don’t want them to tell you about their own experiences of depression. And you definitely don’t need them to change the subject, ignoring what you’ve told them.

So what do you want? Well, a little understanding, a little gentle sympathy perhaps.

Most of all, though, you just want to know you’ve been heard, been understood.

Message received. 10-4.

(Good buddy.)

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