Constant micro-corrections help you balance your bike. Perhaps your mood, too?

Left a bit, right a bit.



It’s how most of us learned to ride a bike.


Start moving, and if you feel yourself starting to fall one way, lean the other.

While you’re still learning, you’re pretty conscious of what you’re doing.



Ooh, er!

Then all of a sudden you’re riding.

You’re a cyclist.

You stop thinking about what you’re doing and you just pedal.

You’re flying.

Many of life’s processes operate similarly, requiring you to constantly adjust a little this way, a little that way, to arrive at a destination.

It makes you wonder if we might not learn to ‘ride our moods’.

What if, when you felt yourself falling one way, you could compensate by leaning the other?

What if a little mindfulness could get you to a happier place rather than a gloomier one?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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