Your mind. Turn it off, then back on again.

There’s a joke, isn’t there, that a lot of computer problems can be solved by turning the thing off, then back on again?

The thing is, it frequently does work.

Computers are technologically complex devices which occasionally get ‘stuck’.

Operations go round and round in never-ending loops, or else they hang about waiting for an instruction which never comes.

Powering down and then up again often does the trick.

Now, your brain is far more sophisticated than the most advanced computer, but just like its more primitive electronic cousin there will almost certainly be times when your thought processes become cloudy, sluggish and confused.

Rebooting your brain isn’t really an option of course (enticing an idea though it may sound) but there’s a lot to be said for taking a break.

The mind has an amazing ability to bounce back after a good night’s sleep, or a couple of days calmness.

When I get tired and have been thinking too hard, my judgement is impaired.

I make bad decisions.

I’m almost certainly not the person I’d like to be.

But that can be pretty easily sorted by taking simple steps like getting better sleep, eating properly, getting some gentle exercise outdoors, or spending time with friends and family.

You wouldn’t expect your poor computer to thrive without the occasional spot of maintenance, so how about treating our minds with the same degree of TLC?

I will if you will.

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