The benefits of mindful consumption

What’s eating you?

Generally, when we ask this of someone we do so because we think something may be wrong.

Although it’s a rather odd turn of phrase, making me think of all those bugs that view our bodies as home, you kind of get what it means, don’t you?

When everything’s not as it should be, it can feel as though some external force is consuming you, leaving you short of resources to fight back.

Of course, knowing what’s eating you is one thing.

Another is ‘what are you eating’?


For one reason or another I’ve recently been thinking harder than usual about what I eat, in terms of its knock-on effect on the way I feel.

Although it’s slightly complicated, it’s clear that certain foods can be good for your mood because of their nutritional formulation.

But I think it’s also true that some food makes you feel good because of its emotional resonances – perhaps it was something you enjoyed as a child, or maybe it gives you a good feeling to actually prepare it.

The danger with the latter thought, of course, is that it may be easy to slip into an over-eating phase – perhaps resulting in disliking yourself for consuming more than you should have.

As in all matters of mood, having a mindful awareness of what you’re eating is actually a big start.

Being conscious of what you eat, when you eat it, and perhaps why you eat it, can help a lot.

Don’t forget, a diet for good mental health should include plenty of fruit and vegetables (different types); wholegrain cereals or bread; nuts and seeds; dairy products; and oily fish.

Drink plenty of water, too.

Remember, though, that tasty beats bland if your mood is low.

Look after yourself.

Feed your mind.

2 thoughts on “The benefits of mindful consumption

  1. Thanx Jon, this makes alot of good sense to me and I read your email having only commented to my husband this morning that at the moment I think I am eating more healthily than I ever have in my life. This has come about by taking a ‘career break’ and having more time to live what I am finding is a far better life. It is a real pleasure to have the time to plan, cook and enjoy/properly taste/take pleasure & actually be mindful of what I am eating rather than shoving the food down in haste.

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