It’s Mingling Monday.

Practice what you preach, they say.

So I’m sorry in advance that this email is definitely not a perfect example of this.

But first, my excuse.

You and I don’t really have another way of keeping in touch other than by email.

I’m not sure you’d like it if I phoned you every morning to read you these messages.

And making several thousand phone calls every day would be time consuming in the extreme.

But the point I’d like to make, which you knew I’d get to sooner or later, is that emails, text messages, tweets and Facebook pasts aren’t always the best way to communicate with people.

When you actually talk to someone (ideally face to face, but over the phone can be almost as good) the interaction is immeasurably richer.

Emotions often don’t get conveyed at all in written messages, and when they do they can so often be misconstrued.

It’s all too easy for someone to get the wrong end of the stick.

So let’s make this a Mingling Monday.

Rather than bashing out soul-less keyboard messages to someone nearby, go over and talk to them.

If they’re further afield, pick up the phone.

You’ll feel all the better for it and so will the other person.

I guarantee it.

4 thoughts on “It’s Mingling Monday.

  1. Hi Jon, I have been so bold to copy&paste your comment onto my fb site (Renate Huf) with ref. to you of course, with the result, that one person has called another person because of it and then I called her.
    So I have determined. Everyone who lets me know they called anyone……I will call that person. I hope you feel OK about this. I thing I will introduce a Mingling Monday in my life…..a lot of people might have been alone over the weekend……with no one to talk to in a while……hopefully they appreciate it. Hope you are not cross with me ;–)

  2. Great idea Renate!
    I have mingled with so many peeps this morning already, out on the doggit walk! Some of it had been a very breezy ‘hello’ whilst others we have met have been longer conversations and very meaningful.
    Just got home and read this great blog, Jon…inspiring as always, I thank you.

  3. I try to make every day a “mingling ” day! It might be a function of my age – I’ve gone from having a party line and a kid to tweets, texts and emails as an adult- but I love a face to face talk. Sometimes I just call my friends even if they might be “busy” !
    I do text with my children who have their own small children – as the little ones might be napping . Actually some of my friends might be napping too!!
    Thanks again for another excellent reminder of how to stay connected in a real way😊

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