Mixing when you’re low.

It’s good to be with you for the next few minutes, and I hope you feel the same.

Unless you’re hiding in the cupboard behind me, we’re not together in person.

But most of us enjoy being in the company of other people.

Even if at times we choose to be on our own.

(That’s fine too, just as long as it doesn’t turn into the only thing you do.)

The trouble is – and we’ve spoken about this in the past – although it’s often the case that being around other people can give you a real boost, the obstinate part of your brain may try to stop you joining in with social situations when you’re feeling a bit ropey.

Crazy isn’t it?

Logic tells you to accept invitations, to arrange to see a friend, or to pick up the phone.

But the annoyingly pervasive emotional side of your thinking tells you not to.

What to do?

Well perhaps, when the opportunity arises on one of those not-so-great days to spend time with others, ask yourself ‘what’s the worst that could happen if I ignored my emotions’?

I guess the answer is that you might get wherever you’re going, then could need to make your excuses and go home.

But (a) that’s not actually very likely, and (b) it really wouldn’t be that awful a thing to do if it was really necessary.

Why not try this next time you feel a bit rough?

Nine times out of ten it works for me.

2 thoughts on “Mixing when you’re low.

  1. That is exactly how I feel too, so I am trying all the time to break that isolated zone as I hate it although I like my own space too much alone time and I ruminate xx

  2. I have tried to mix with people when feeling ropey, and it IS hard. You say for you 9 out of ten times it works, with me it’s more like 2 out of 10, because I still go out and try… A lot of acting goes on.
    At the moment, I am back to my usual self, but 2 months ago, ohhhh deeaarr!!!
    C’est la vie, for me…
    Although always waiting to embrace new ideas to get that to change, Jon!
    Thanks again.

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