Add a mood-lifting layer to everyday activities

Have some thoughts about today’s Signpost?

How can you add something mood-lifting to your everyday activities?

The Signpost community would love to hear your what you think.

9 thoughts on “Add a mood-lifting layer to everyday activities

  1. Not feeling great I have a lot going on but I just plodded on and I am amazed at what I did acheive…housework, cooking, and my usual exercise class. I really was not fussed on going but once there Ijust tried to be in the moment. I am now stuffed. Just the dog to walk and make dinner and my day is done.

  2. That’s amazing Shirley- what achievements when you’re NOT feeling great!
    Lack of sleep gets me but OH got up with the dogs this morning so I’ve had a lie-in! Woohoo 🎉 am trying to catch up on lost sleep two nights ago! My lie in is only twenty mins but yay!!

  3. Really enjoying the updates, especially the “Live” ones. Made me smile a lot while listening today. Candles with my breakfast coming up.

    1. Hmm, that’s… interesting, Karen. Any thoughts about whether the interpretation of your questionnaire responses may be correct? Or does it seem a bit off?

      Have others been finding a similar bias? Thanks for sharing your thoughts – really helpful of you.

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