More on what made Slough happy.

There’s a clip on YouTube of the Managing Director of an engineering firm who took part in the BBC’s Making Slough Happy series in which he declares ‘I don’t do happiness’.

I’m pretty sure he changed his mind after the happiness experts worked their magic on his business.

Anyway, as promised on Wednesday, here are three more nuggets from the book that supported the BBC series:

1. Several studies have shown that the presence of a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress, promoting health and happiness.

2. According to a new look at a 40-year-old study on child-rearing practices conducted at Harvard, those children who were hugged and cuddled the most grew up to be the happiest.

3. People with strong social support and intimate friendships visit the doctor less often.

It all makes so much sense doesn’t it?

And you wonder why, if it really is that easy, there’s still so much low mood around.

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