Although all learning is valuable, the most enriching lessons are often those you learn about yourself.

I wonder what you’ll learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?

When you were at school, it was all part of the process that you’d sit through lessons all day, then when the bell rang you’d go home with more in your head than you’d started with.

Much as excellent teachers like to speak of lighting fires rather than filling buckets, I’m sure there’s still a great deal of the latter in today’s classrooms.


I imagine most of us still go to bed with more in our head than was there in the morning, but unfortunately much of this can be stress, noise and aggro – a great name for a firm of lawyers handling environmental distress cases perhaps, but no way in which to retire for a relaxed night’s sleep.

Perhaps there’s a different way to look at this, though? Maybe instead of trying to turn a blind eye to these unwanted thoughts, it can be possible to ask yourself what, if anything, they’ve taught you? Even if this is something so seemingly obvious, for example, as ‘I don’t like it when other people make unreasonable demands of me’.

Then again the day might not have been all bad, providing you with a different sort of learning opportunity – the chance to ask yourself why, perhaps, you felt positively about something good that happened. ‘I like it when I make myself a hot drink and sit calmly in silence for ten minutes.’

There’s nothing wrong with learning for learning’s sake, in fact it can be a pleasure in its own right. But learning about yourself… well, that’s learning for life’s sake isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Although all learning is valuable, the most enriching lessons are often those you learn about yourself.

  1. Yesterday I learned several positive things about myself- I am more adventurous then I thought- learning to use a stand up paddle board- I am braver than I thought I was – bringing a gift of cake to some neighbours and overcoming my natural shyness and chatting with them- I am more perceptive than I thought – picking up on others unspoken feelings.
    Thank you so much for these posts – they allow me to stop for a minute and reflect.

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