Sometimes you have to move the goalposts

I vividly remember the day my Dad brought home the Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder “we” had when my brother and I were young.

I say “we” because although Dad paid for it, Geoff and I pretty much commandeered it, spending untold hours recording little radio shows and amusing (well, we laughed) audio clips that probably foretold us both going into advertising as a career.


The interesting thing about recording, of course, is that you can’t in fact actually beat live radio.

I think there’s something much more interesting about programmes that are broadcast in real-time, and maybe one reason they have an edge is that you never quite know what’s going to happen.

Perhaps it’s a little like the fascination many have for watching a tightrope walker.

Will she make it over to the other side?

Will she fall off?

Live radio has a tension and fascination you don’t always get from hearing pre-recorded material.

In some ways, maybe that kind of tension is also true of me writing “live” Moodnudges posts keeping you in the loop on what’s going on with my book, now in its final production stages.

As I said, you never quite know what’s going to happen.

So I have to tell you that, like the tightrope walker, there has been a bit of a wobble, and I now think I’m going to miss my self-imposed February 29th deadline, although hopefully not by too much.

So, what’s happened?

Well I think things were still on course as recently as this last Friday but then I got a call from Geoff to say that our Mum, a very active 86, had fallen over and broken her elbow, ending up in hospital where she’ll have an operation today (Sunday).

Geoff’s been with her, but he’s leaving tomorrow to join me in California.

Now, Mum has fantaastic friends and neighbours around her, who will help and support her and she’s adamant that Geoff shouldn’t change his travel plans, but you can probably imagine how unsettling it is to go along with this wish.

It’s thrown me a bit, to be honest, just as I’ve also recognised how much work there still is to complete the book.

I have a tendency to take on too much, generally in a totally self-imposed way.

However, rather late in life I’m learning to deal with this and not beat myself up about it.

I also try not to pass on my Jon-created stress to the others around me.

So the book will be a little late (still in March, I’m sure) and, who knows, may even be all the better for the little extra time.

Naturally I hope Mum will be OK.

And I share rather more of my life than I usually do, in the hope that it will act as a reminder to both you and I that sometimes it’s fine, and also very necessary, to change plans.

Right, it’s back on the tightrope for me, but this time with a safety net.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to move the goalposts

  1. just keeping calm enough to deal with unforeseen sure can be difficult at times. Hope your mum gets better real soon.

  2. Jon, I know Mum is over here in Blighty…is she near to where you lived here in Cambs?
    If so, you know I live near…can I help at all?
    Karen x

  3. Hi Jon, it’s good to take a step back if you can and get a bit of perspective on things, which it sounds as though you are doing. A good reminder for me, I am very hard working and the last week I have been feeling wiped out, due to workload and health issues, I need to scale back slightly to allow me to continue in strength. I hope your mum fairs well with the operation.

  4. Hi Jon,
    Remember a smooth sailing can get boring so a little turbulence in the water will make you get stressed sure but it will also help you to appreciate the end result.

    Keep on keeping on, and you will surely get to the end result at the right time! Families are important and it’s cool to see that your brother will be with you on the great day when you have your book published. Fantastic!

    I hope you mum gets better soon (and I apologise for suggesting that she is turbulence), but I hope you get what I mean?

    Keep on going… are almost there!

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