Music moves us

A musical signpost today, accompanied by the fine music of Californian harp player Aryeh Frankenfurter.

Music has the power to change our emotions.

It can bring back memories.

And it provides with an excellent outlet to process difficult feelings.

How has music moved you?

Who are your go-to artists?

13 thoughts on “Music moves us

  1. A beautiful piece of music Jon thank you – have never heard of him but it sounded so light and pretty in the background. Off and b another dog walk with a beautiful sound in my head! The harp lightens my Welsh heart!

  2. A refreshing and brilliant suggestion! Thank you. So often there is just background noise from the radio playing any old thing but to select a piece and then really (shouty capitals!) listen to it would be more enjoyable and possibly therapeutic. If you have the talent – or even fancy a little sing in the shower – then making your own music has to be a good idea too. Go well.

    1. That’s a great point, MA, about making conscious choices about the music we listen to, rather than whatever the radio, or Spotify, or Apple Music selects for us. And hear, hear for singing in the shower!

  3. Music is my escape. The universal language of music is a powerful thing. Music is everywhere, especially in my home. My son is a musician , another a DJ , so I’m constantly surrounded by different genres. I have a personal ‘playlist’ If I hear something I particularly like or something that takes me back to my youth or makes me think of someone, something or somewhere, I will jot it down for future reference. A great tool to use during difficult times .

    1. Fantastic to have sons who are broadening your musical horizons, Janis. My volunteer work at the Stanford radio station means I listen to new albums every week, and it’s amazing how you end up adding to your favorites.

  4. Just done my yoga practice to beautiful music… definitely a mood shaper
    Ludovico Einaudi is my current go to artist. Islands album is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you Claire, it’s been an amazing week, as you say. I can’t believe how much we’ve learned – all of us, perhaps. Looking forward to gathering feedback in an organized way, then working out next steps.

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