In life, as in a maze, there’s nearly always a choice.

In a maze there are generally two ways to go.

Sometimes more, but unless you’ve just reached the exit, there’s usually a decision to make.

Left? Or right?

Often life can feel like a maze.

You know there’s a way through it, but you don’t have a map.

Who knows whether the decisions you make every day are the right ones?

How come some people seem to be able to scoot through it much easier than you can?

But of course, not only do you go through each day faced with a million decisions, you also (and this is the bit that’s easy to forget) generally always have a choice about the way you’ll think about what happens.

Most of us tend to have familiar patterns of thought.

Something happens and we view it in a particular way – in general, the way we always view that kind of thing.

And that’s fine if, for instance, we’re always pleased that something good has happened.

On the other hand it’s not so great if your reaction to bad stuff is to say: Well, it’s all my fault. I bring these things upon myself.

You see, that’s probably not the truth.

Just now and again (maybe even very often) someone else is to blame.

Someone else is the cause.

That’s one branch of the maze, then, one choice.

But almost immediately, there are others.

For example, do you blame the other person?

Or try and understand them?

Why not try and keep this in mind today then?

Emotions, just like life itself, can take the form of a maze.

And the best way to progress (indeed, the only way) is to remember that you’ve got choices.


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