Need a hand? We all do sometimes.

The concept of a Help Desk is well-understood in the IT world.

Encounter a problem with your hardware or software and you’ll generally find someone somewhere (albeit often on a different continent) who’ll tell you how to fix it.

OK, there’s usually no actual desk involved, but it’s easy to understand the idea. Have problem, call desk, get help.

Wouldn’t it be great if a similar service existed for the trials and tribulations of life?

Feeling anxious or blue? Just call our Help Desk.

Hmm. Trouble is, that’s not the way it works. True, there are counselling services. Generally, though, it can seem as though there’s no easy answer when you feel as if you’re tying yourself in knots.

All too often, you end up on your own.

But it really doesn’t need to be like this, you know.

I’m guessing that you quite like it when someone seeks out your help, right?

You, on the other hand, may be reluctant to ask when it’s your turn to need it.

Please don’t be.

Asking for help is much better than trying to struggle on without it. And the person you ask will more than likely get a kick from doing it.

2 thoughts on “Need a hand? We all do sometimes.

  1. Jon, you are so right! So why is it then that in a low mood, I just cannot reach out?! I hide and hide and duck and dive! Part of the problem…

  2. A non-judgemental help desk sounds a great idea.

    Reaching out to friends, however lovely, can be tricky as some times it’s too much for them and then I have to reassure them as well as deal with my own issues!

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