Create new happiness routines

I’ve previously suggested that routines, if followed mindlessly, can become boring and restrictive.

I said that a routine might even turn into a rut.

Yet, of course, the simple truth is that almost everyone can benefit from having regular ways of doing things in a particular order.

In my case it’s how I get out of the house in the mornings and to a certain extent how I structure my working days.

The word ‘routine’ comes from the French ‘route’, which as you know means a way of getting from one place to another.


A second, interesting, use of the word ‘routine’ is when we adopt it to mean the act of an entertainer – a dance routine, for example.

My morning routine gets my day off to a good start.

That’s its purpose.

I wonder, then, if it might be possible (and a helpful idea) to establish routines designed solely to promote your happiness?

I think it may be.

Let’s imagine some examples.

Maybe you’ve worked out that listening to audiobooks can put you in a better mood?

So perhaps you could stock up on recordings and get into the habit of listening to them while you commute?

Maybe having a vase of flowers in the house lifts your spirits?

How about planning a regular day of the week to pick or buy some, and focus on developing this as a new routine.

Does talking to a certain friend or relative generally make you feel better?

Why not, therefore, aim to speak to them on the first weekend of the month, or every Wednesday?

That kind of thing.

We often tend to be good at following routines, so having one or two which are specifically designed to help us feel good can be worth their weight in gold.

6 thoughts on “Create new happiness routines

  1. routines do help me

    Professor Morris talked to me about Social Rhythms especially in the mornings help some people

    I know when I can do this I am stable but I wonder is it chicken and egg

    I do 10 minutes yoga and 10 minutes piano practice slowly I am improving at both !

    Thank you Jon for this very practical nudge

  2. Nice one again, Jon. Since practicality and organisation are not my strongpoints,a few hints in that direction are gratefully recieved. Will store this somewhere to ( try to! ) retrieve as needed.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Routines are helpful, I find walking to be really helpful, I always feel so much better after a good walk, so first thing in the morning to start the day

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