A mood nudge that’s tailor-made for you.

Something a little different for you in this coming week on Moodnudges.

To mark the publication of “Nudge Your Way to Happiness” (see below) I’d like to help you get a nudge that’s tailor-made for the way you’re feeling right now.

The book does this systematically, by rating your mood with a brief daily test, but for the sake of this post, let’s speed things up.

So just stop for a few seconds to ask yourself how you are.


Then if you’re feeling:

* Not that great to be honest – Read Nudge 1

* Not over the moon, but not too bad really – Read Nudge 2

* Actually pretty good, considering – Read Nudge 3

+ + + + + + +

Nudge 1

It’s hard to motivate yourself to do the things you know might perk you up when you feel low, so it may be helpful to remember that learning something new nearly always gives you a boost.

Come on, today of all days, you’re hardly likely to sign up for a university course, but you can nearly always pick up new knowledge simply by picking up a book or magazine that’s not your usual thing.

Browse through something a bit different, and allow yourself to feel a tiny bit better as you uncover some new nugget of knowledge.

Nudge 2

Psychologists say we can change the way we feel by acting “as if” we’re already experiencing that emotion.

Make a sad face, and you’ll feel sad.

But smile, on the other hand, and you’re likely to give yourself a lift.

You’re feeling kind of average today, so why not take advantage of this phenomenon to boost yourself up a bit?

It might feel odd to begin with, but try wearing a smile as you walk somewhere.

If people give you funny looks, let them.

Actually it’s more likely they’ll smile back, though, even if you only catch this out of the corner of your eye.

Nudge 3

It’s your kind of day.

Things are good.

Not to rain on your parade, but when times are better, it’s easy to forget the importance of taking care of yourself.

Good sleep, for example, is incredibly important and restorative.

But maybe feeling good will result in your bedtime being put back a little?

Don’t allow this happen, as you may regret it tomorrow.

Consider setting an alert on your phone to remind you when it’s time to hit the hay, therefore.

Alarms can work at both ends of the night.

+ + + + + + +

If you like the idea of tailor-made nudges, and haven’t yet checked out “Nudge Your Way to Happiness,” why not take a look?

On Amazon.com:


And on Amazon.co.uk:



3 thoughts on “A mood nudge that’s tailor-made for you.

  1. I’d like to ask if the book can be ordered from a normal book shop. I prefer to use my local bookshop because it I a wonderful shop and I can talk to a human being – all very nice people.
    It is an independent book shop, so I am of the opinion if I don’t use it we may lose it.
    If Amazon is the only option then so be it, I’ll order from there.
    Thanks Jon.

    1. Ah, Sally, a very good point. Yes, we should all support our bookstores otherwise we’ll lose them.

      The answer is (sorry, a bit unhelpfully) I don’t know. They definitely won’t have it in stock, but I’d be interested to know if they’re able to order it.

      So if it’s not too much of an effort, I’d love to know what happens if you ask them, please?

      They’d probably need to know four things:

      Author: Jon Cousins

      Title: Nudge Your Way to Happiness

      ISBN: 1530042607 (that should be 10 digits)

      Publisher: CreateSpace (which is an Amazon company)

      If you set off on this challenge, please do let us all know what happens!

      Bon chance.

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